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Flower Power  July 13-September 2  Group show, Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Larchmont, New York

INTIMATE MEDITATIONS ON LANDSCAPE WHILE LOOKING UP       My fascination with branches and leaves originated from a week I spent at a rural meditation retreat in the 90’s. Spring was slowly awakening the landscape from its winter bareness. For hours each day I sat next to a window, in silence. As my city mindset quieted, I was transfixed as tender buds and leaves daily transformed a gnarly elm tree outside. My paintings evoke the immediacy of that experience. My hand slowly reanimates the twisting and branching line of a tree limb, the subtle curve of a bamboo stalk, or the concentric marks radiating out from a single stone dropped into still water.

My painting practice is to work with paint pigments suspended in an aqueous mix. I pour sweep, brush, drip, and fling layers of paint. I coax pools of paint into translucent veils of color and layer one over the other. Often, I have anchored these ephemeral elements with gestural marks, stripes, and blocks of color.

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